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"I enjoy my life to the best of my ability."


"I have complete control over how I live my life."


“Concepts has really changed my life.”


Independence is both a right & a responsibility.


Concepts of Independence, Inc. pioneered the original Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services program (CDPAS) in 1980, enabling severely disabled and chronically ill individuals to hire, train and supervise the Personal Assistant home care worker of their choice. CDPAS was a revolution: it allowed these severely disabled individuals to live independently, with freedom and dignity.  Further, CDPAS is administered at a lower cost than a traditional home care program, saving New York State Medicaid millions of dollars per year.

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My name is Joann Vitiello and I am a member of Concepts. I am single and have been for many years following a six year marriage. I am also a survivor, having to overcome two occurrences of cancer. My life now is filled with the harmony and contentment I receive from meditating, and with the satisfac........
Joann Vitiello
Like most people throughout the United States, we at Concepts of Independence have been working to digest and understand the consequences of the recent election. In my capacity as the Director of Policy for Concepts, the obligation to follow healthcare policy is my primary responsibility. So far, it........
T.K. Small
Earlier this year, Concepts put a call out for artistic expressions of what community means to you. We received a wonderful array of poetry, visual art, stories, and personal essays, all of which come together to express the myraid aspects of the Concepts community. We invite you to take a peak into........
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